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Free Shipping Wolrdwide On All Order.

Storage Food Set Container Containers Plastic Airtight Rubbermaid Lids

by Catooch
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SKU 54470709-Tea-color-S
Color: Tea color S

Keeping The Fruits and Veggies Fresh Has Never Been Easier

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Produce tends to last longer when properly stored, that’s why we’ve designed a container that keeps it fresh and sorted while talking minimal space in the fridge.

Fresh keep is specifically made for fruits and veggies, it keeps a constant airflow inside to keep them tasty. Using the custom partition, you can pair up different foods inside.

Anytime something needs cleaning, put it in Freshkeep and dunk it into the water. Our innovative container solves all your kitchen needs and more.



Nothing goes to waste- Contcol’s design keeps constant airflow and perfect exposure to humidity to prevent any chance of spoiling.

Wash with ease - To spare time, put all your produce in Freshkeep and dunk it in water. After a quick drain, all the produce will be washed and fresh!

Classified storage system- Freshkeep has a customizable partition system inside it to separate and protect, keeping everything in order.